Survivors' Project

Protecting victims of domestic abuse, sexual assault, and other violent crime

Representation & Advocacy

MIA provides free legal services to victims of violent crime, particularly domestic violence and sexual assault through its Survivors’ Project in partnership with CasaLuz. MIA and CasaLuz began our partnership to provide holistic legal representation and victim advocacy to Hispanic and Latinx survivors in 2016.

Who We Fight For

Survivors’ Project clients include asylum seekers fleeing gender-based persecution in their home countries, women and men who have been subjected to cruelty and abuse by U.S. citizen spouses or parents, and immigrants who have been targeted for violent crime here in the U.S. due to their vulnerability and fear of law enforcement.

The Path to Freedom & Justice

Immigration law provides pathways to lawful status for immigrants who have been victims of certain violent crimes in the U.S., such as domestic violence, rape, felony assault, and human trafficking. MIA assists our clients in seeking this relief so they can safely heal from their trauma in the U.S. without fear of deportation.

Where to Begin

MIA accepts referrals for Memphis-area victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, stalking, and similar crimes through our partner organization, CasaLuz. Please contact CasaLuz for assistance, as we cannot accept clients under this program who contact us directly.